hey everyone !!

The start to this monday was a great one !   Got a lot of great response from this workout today and it sounded like everyone put 1000% in today and crushed it.   So lets continue the trend and get it in on this one.

here we go:  5 rounds of Snatches and Burpees


If kb’s are your choice then you will be doing each arm separately.   So…   10 snatches on left and right, followed by 10 burpees

If some of you will be going the barbell style, then yours will obviously look like this :  10 bb snatches followed by 10 burpees


There are alot of you who are trying to reach some specific goals or are trying to get your weights up on some of your big lifts.    If you have some juice left after some of the workouts.  Then that is a good time to pick one of those lifts and put in a little extra effort on making yourself better.   However, if you are dead spent after the whiteboard workout then your body will benefit the rest(trust me)

I cannot tell you how pumped i continuously am seeing everyone in the gym really push the envelope and doing things i know they would have not been doing if they weren’t in the Sculpt Fitness Training Gym .


So proud of all of you !!!!  Keep it up !


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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