hey all !,


Gym was jammin out last night when I left.  Kept on seeing the workouts posted on facebook and twitter and saw some kick [email protected] results.  Lets keep it up !!!!

Lets focus on kb snatches as our main move today and we will mix in come killler conditioning.

Ok here we go:

7 rounds of Snatchs variations with some conditioning:

Snatch variation: single kb, double kb, alternating single kb, alternating double kb.  Some of you guys can even throw in some barbell snatches if your feelin it !

Overhead Snatches x 10

Jump Ropes x 100

Hanging Leg Raises x 10


The whiteboard will look a little thin but, im amped to see how clients have advanced in their snatch variations !!!   Nothing like a tuesday before turkey day to get strong !!!!!!


Train Hard.  Train Smart



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