Hey guys and girls !
I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend and got a chance to spend some time with friends and family

I know we did ! But you know what holiday weekends bring….. Food and beer. Which don’t get me wrong I strongly enjoy both. But there has to come a time when you have to go back to your “clean eating” ways so we can keep smashing workouts and getting results at the Sculpt Fitness Gym

So…. Lets tear it up tomorrow and worm off those holiday parties !

Here we go :

30 minute AMRAP

-push up (any variation) x 10
-Walking kettlebell lunges x 10(total)
-Pulling movement x 10
*** pull up, rope climb, bw rows, alternate kettlebell rows
-Kettlebell sumo squats x 6 (heavy)
-kettlebell snatches x 6 each arm or snatch pulls
* or you can get tricky and do 6 double kettlbell snatches
– leg raise (any variation) x 10

You can absolutely go crazy with this workout ! It has a lot of solid movement and I could not think of a better combo for you guys and girls to do right after this food filled weekend

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Train Hard. Train Smart


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