Morning all !

Let’s get primal today !!! Ha ha. I was looking forward to saying that …

One of the best resistance workouts is to use our body weight and work up to be able to doing the most advanced movements. This will do absolute wonders for your strength training workout and when we decide to go strongman style.

I will be giving a few different options as we are growing our membership so there needs to be a little bit of separation in some of the fitness levels.

Here we go: 25 minute AMRAP

1.) 2 options here:
handstand wall walks(add some push ups if your feeling good) or
Traveling walks on the floor(add push ups if wanted)

2.) 3 options(list goes advanced to intro movement)

Tire Jumps (48-55 inches) x 5
Plyo box jumps x 5
Squat Jumps x 10

3.) 3 options(hardest to intro level)

Muscle ups x 3-5
Pullups x 5-8
Body Rows x 10

4.) 3 options(hardest to intro level)

Hanging leg raises x 10
Chair leg raises x 10
Get up Sit ups x 10

Tear it up tonight !!!!!!

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