Happy Tuesday ya’ll !

Man that circuit was brutal yesterday !   I even got the pleasure of jumping in and tearing it up.   Before we hit our de-load Wednesdays I would like to throw one more day of explosive movement in there.  Todays ladder workout is going to start a little bit higher so the goal is to start with a lighter bell and work your way to down to a heavier kb.

For some of the newbies in the gym(great to have ya!) since the snatch is such a new movement to you here are a few options.  You can either not increase weight after each round on the snatches or you can perform a snatch-pull, which one of the trainers can demonstrate for you.

Well lets do this !:

Snatch Ladder: 15-12-10-8-6-4-2-2

Plyo Jump or Squat Jump Ladder: 15-12-10-8-6-4-2-2

**** make sure on the 4 and 2 reps of the jumps that you step outside the comfort zone and increase to higher box or even get nutzo and stack the two tires to get 48′”  outside.   Looks like is gonna be nice and sunny today !!!

Freestyle Abs: 4 sets of each

Russian Twists with the ropes x 20

Hand Stand push up holds x 20 count

High Lows with the Med ball on the Middle wall(ill be there to explain this eve) x 10


Wanted to give everyone a nice heads up.   We are going to be starting a few new projects for Sculpt Fitness.  They will be dropped on facebook and twitter like usual,  but we really need all our Warriors and fans to help these things grow.   You will all be informed when some new stuff drops !!

Thanks for all the support !!


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