Well I now realized after the first group came in today that I didn’t schedule the Tuesday workout to post ! My bad all

So without further delay:

26 minute AMRAP (with a fav move in there )

Kettlebell swings x 20
Plyo Jumps x 8 (move up to the next level box if you can ! )
Pull ups or jumping pull ups x 5
Super mans x 3

** remember a superman is with 2 bells

Start in push up position
– push up
– squat thrust so your holding the bells in a double clean position from the ground
– double KB clean
– double KB thruster( squat into over head press)
– THAT’S ONE !!!!!

100 abs

Get 100 reps total using these movements
– leg raise
– Russian twist
– travel planks

Train Hard. Train Smart


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