Hey SFTC !

(Sculpt Fitness Training Crew)


Well thats not ALL were gonna do today, but the title was catchy ha ha.   I want to throw in some nice strong moves today and if you need to slow it down today to add a little weight then lets do so.

Here we go:

3 rounds

Deadlifts x 5 (kb, barbell or Sumo Squats x 5

Rope Climbs x 1 or Modified Rope Climbs x 2

Push x 10 (push ups, dips, handstand push up or hold, wall walks)


3 rounds

Prowler Pushes x end of building

Push Press x 6 (kbs, dbs or barbells)

Plyo Jumps x 10


Lets tear it up today,  I know we have a few new faces in the gym (love it !)  so lets make sure that our reputation holds ha ha


Train hard.  Train Smart



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