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We have been killin it in the nice heat over at the Sculpt Fitness Gym.  A little complaining here and there but the members are still tearing it up.   No one EVER said that this stuff is nice and easy.  Those who have, most likely have not achieved their ultimate fitness goals.   The ones who put the time and effort into a strong life with walk away with a win.

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Time for this White Board Madness:  23 Minutes of “Dont put that bell down”

You will follow the kettlebell circuit, the key being to transfer into each kettlebell movment without stopping.   If you are a newbie to our club then you will need to find a good pace =)   maybe taking a little rest between.   If you are a VET then you need to find a good weight bell and tear it up !


Circuit:  Get as many rounds as ya can in 23 minutes !

Single arm swings x 10

Single arm presses x 6

Front Squats x 6

Bent rows x 8

Reverse Lunges x 6

— Do all these moves on the one side then switch over to the opposite side

Depending on your fitness level, you can:

Go at your own pace and focus on your form if you are new to the workouts

Try and get through the whole side and take a break before switching over

Get through BOTH sides before taking a breather

****  Make sure that you pick a kettlebel weight that is challenging.   If you are not challenging yourself then you are not in it for YOU !!!!   Make your workouts mean something !!!


When the time is up you can throw in some freestyle ABs work if you like.   Choose one exercise for 4 sets of 10 reps

Bicycle Crunches : 10 each side , so 20 total

Power Wheel rollouts x 10

Get up sit ups x 10

Russian Twist x 10 each side, or 20 total

Leg Raises(hanging or in roman chair) x 10



Let us know how you did !!!!!!

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