hey all !

Man its good to be back in business at the Sculpt Training Gym.  When the place is under construction it kills me not to be able to get in there and work some magic ha ha.

Well now that the world is rotating and everything is back to normal, I can add that we TORE it up today.   Hit a long trail ride during the day and finished it off with a killer workout in the evening with a good crew.

I will always continue to focus on the areas  of movement that I think are sooo important and everyone should learn to perfect.  I also see all the progression that is going on in the gym and I know that the main reason for these kick [email protected] gains are because repetition creates effectiveness and gains.    So here we go,  I have a few new AMRAPS I am wayyy to excited not to throw into the mix.

Here we go:  lets go over all your options for variations

Push: push up (plyo, decline, travel push up, weighted, ring push ups, dumbbell push up)

Pull: Pull up, chin up, muscle up, rope climb, rope pull up, ring body rows, rope body rows, rope pull ups

Jumping: Squat jumps, plyo lunges, plyo jumps on box or tire, single leg jumps

These movements are so crucial to achieving maximum strength, agility and mobility.  I will continue to make our clients get more effective with all the variations and will sit back and watch the results follow.


AMRAP 10 min-

Push variation x 8

Pull variation x 5 (unless its a rope climb then its 1 and modified rope climb is x 2)

Jumping variation x 10


AMRAP – 10 min:

Push variation x 8

Pull variation x 5 (unless its rope climb then its x 1 or modified rope climb x 2)

Jumping variation x 10


AMRAP 5 minutes :

Push Variation x 8

Pull Variation x 5 (Unless rope climbs which is x 1 or modified rope climb x 2)

Jumping variation x 10



Really push all these variations and tear it up in there !!!!


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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