Hey all !

Man what a kick a!% Monday yesterday. It was exactly how I like the Sculpt Training Gym to be. People in here grinding out the workouts after the weekend.

I mentioned yesterday that people tend to be miserable on Monday’s. Not here we aren’t. Monday is the beginning of our week, where we look forward to having 5 more days to continue to make ourselves better and stronger. Another week where you have to strive to achieve your short term goals in order to get closer to that finish line goal.

The people who don’t like mondays don’t see the big picture clearly yet. The SFTC(sculpt fitness training crew) may dread their 8-5 desk job. But that is only because they have built up energy that they cannot wait to release at the training gym after work. Our morning crews are energized for the whole day. They have a different outlook on how they are going to make it to the end of their workday. It had already started with personal success in their workout.

It’s a small crew of strong people out their that hold this mind frame and this energy. But I see that changing every day. More people wanting to push themselves to become better. More people motivating others to get what they want out of their life. Its an addictive lifestyle. It’s a positive addiction that can be shared with others.

So start to catch yourself when you are about ready to bitch about it being Monday. And embrace it as yet another opportunity to crush it in your workouts and in life.

You have about 4 mondAys a month. When its all said and done that’s about 48 in a year. Think about how much success you can achieve in that amount. Don’t let them be wasted by negative attitude.

Train Hard. Train Smart


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