Hey all,

Great start to the week !!!   Seeing some new faces of people ready to get at this week has me even more pumped up then normal ha ha.  I am looking forward to all the Sculpt Fitness vets to take some of the newbies under their wings and show them the ropes of how you can take yourself to new levels and get yourself in the best shape of your life !

Ok lets throw down on this challenge tomorrow.  Were gonna put the weights away for the time being and focus on getting primal and gaining strength in our body weight movments.

Here we go:  Body weight WTH(we train hard) for 27 min

Push up or push variation x 10

Squat Jumps x 15

Pull up variation x 10(5 reps if you are working on a new variation ie. muscle ups, power ups)

Single leg squats x 8(r,l) or Step ups x 8(r,l)

Rope Climb x 1 or Modified rope climb x 4

Travel Planks x 10


It is overly important to continue to grow in our body weight training methods.  All this primal strength will aid in increasing power, strength and range of motion in all your weighted lifts !


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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