Hey yo !!!!!!

Great start to the week today !   The energy is real high around the gym right now.  The excitment of people tearin up their workouts and the new gym opening up in Hudson.  That side of town is in for a huge surprise once they experience the Sculpt Fitness Training Gym !!!!   Even though we didnt have a full blown gym day on monday, I am still going to have our normal de-load day but I am gonna turn the dial up on the intensity ha ha

here we go:  choose your 100 challenge

**  choose 4 of the following to complete the 100 de load challenge for time =)

Push Movments

100 push ups

100 body weight dips

Pull  Movments

100 pull ups (variations)

100 body rows

10 rope climbs


Lower body movements

100 body squats

100 jump squats

100 plyo jumps


Conditioning Movements:

300 Jump Ropes

100 Slam Balls

100 Rope Slams


Great idea here !!!!!!  pick your poison ha ha

no matter what,  TEAR IT UP !!!!


Train Hard.  Train Smart



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