Whats up all !

Well its that time of the week, and every guy and girl has been hitting it extra hard in the gym this week.   So lets give our bods a chance to recover and lets put the weights down and get strong using our body weight strength and conditioning methods.

Here we go:  3 Rounds of Each circuit

Circuit 1:

Push Up Variation x 10

Body Squat x 15

Pull ups x 5 (make sure to be working on new variations and grips to get strong !)


Circuit 2:

Wall Walks x down or down and back

Walking Lunges x around the center wall

Body Rows( ropes) x 10


Circuit 3:

Squat Thrust x 10

Jump Ropes x 50

Travel Planks x 10


And there we have it!!!!  Remember that body weight strength and conditioning gives your body a chance to de load from the weights and achieve strength in the most natural movements.  I dont care how strong you are or how much you can squat, deadlift or bench.  IF you cant rip out kick [email protected] push ups and pull ups then you need to add some work !!!!


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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