Hey yo !!!!

People were smashing the workout yesterday !!!!  PR’s on overhead snatches for some members in the gym.  Pushing the envelope on how many rounds they wanted to get in the WTH.   Thats the good stuff I like to see comin out of the Sculpt Fitness Training Gym !!!

Ok, today lets keep up the intensity but lets put the weights down for today and focus on becoming effective with out bodyweight training.

Here we go: 5 rounds of each

5 ROunds of:

10 Squat Thrust (burpee without a push up or a jump at the top)

Rope Climb  or 3 modified rope climbs

Dead Push Ups x 10


5 Rounds of:

Wall walks x Down or Handstand Push up x 5 (or you can work on your handstand holds)

Squat Jumps x 15

Rope Rows x 10 ( must be ropes today !! hah)

Leg Raises x 10 (any variation)


No worries, we will start slapping some weights back on tomorrow.  Remember how important bodyweight strength and conditioning is to our programs.  I know for a fact that SOOOOO many memebers at the gym have taken their body weight movements to a whole other level.  These are the days that assist in that.   The bodyweight strength and conditioning will also play a huge roll in the success of your other lifts !


Train Hard.  Train Smart




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