Whats up everyone !

Back to the grind this week I decided to put a couple hard workouts back to back. Its hard to resist not throwing supermans into the mix ha ha. I was at a meeting today and the guy asked me to give an example of a whiteboard workout, so I showed him todays. He goes and I quote, “what the hell is a superman !?” After I explained to him, his only response was, “I am in”.

Thats how we roll !!!! Btw… the I made sure to amp up the volume on tuesdays whiteboard with just a few movmements. I was watching everyone smash it today and def increase their weights on the superman movment.

Well its wednesday and we are putting the weights away for the workout and we are gonna tear it up with our own weight.

here we go: A body weight workout for time

100 push ups
100 rope slams
100 body weight squats
100 Jump ropes
100 pull ups or body rows

Lets tear it up !!!!!!!!

Train Hard. Train Smart


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