Hey guys and girls,

Everyone by now knows that I am a fan of “de-loading” halfway through the week.   Let the weights rest in the gym and lets make our bodies killer strong with some primal movement.  By now members are starting to see sick results with their body weight movements.  We even have some guys getting pretty tricky with the pull up variations(close as heck to muscle ups) and vertical leaps heading up towards the ceiling !

Lets get this challenge rolling:  Get through this workout for time

100 push ups

100 pull ups or body rows

100 plyo jumps

100 mountain climbers (each leg, so 200 total)


If there is some gas left in the tank you can head outside for a little free style prowler pushing in the lane.


Summer is settling down a little bit and we are starting to peak the intrest of new people who are hearing about all the strength gains and results going down in the Sculpt Gym.   Make sure that the word continues to get out about new members taking advantage of the FREE one week trial of the group workouts.

You guys and girls are the best advertising the gym has to offer.   Your hard work and dedication to the workouts have turned you all into walking billboards !!!!!   We appreciate it so much and keep up the hard work !!


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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