hey all !

I know that we did not have a workout on monday but people were tearing it up today at the Sculpt Fitness Gym.   Saw some great advances in workouts and a couple people hit some kick [email protected] personal records.

However, even though we missed a day this week we normally keep our wednesdays for our bodyweight work and conditioning.  So that is how we shall continue !

We have quite a few members at the gym who are preparing for some big races.  I love seeing how the workouts performed at the gym have helped in their training.  This workout will add to it and act as a fantastic cross training day.

Here we go:  Burpees, road runs and jump rope

We are gonna create some different levels for this workout today.  We are starting to get new members at the gym and there are some members who have really amped up their training.  So we are going to give some ranges with this workout and you can choose which one you want to do.   The more advanced members can shoot for the more rounds.   If you are just getting started then go with the 6 rounds and work to progress to the 10 round workout.  TEAR IT UP !

6 rounds of this circuit for the best time or 10 rounds for best time

10 burpees

Road Run

50 revolutions of Jump Rope


Ok guys and girls.  Get the full benefit from these workouts by pushing yourself as hard as you can !

Remember if there are any people who are looking to kick start their workouts be sure to bring them by the gym and show them how we roll !!!


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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