What’s up guys and girls , already Wednesday !!!!

The workouts this week have been putting people to the test and we have a lot of people right on the fence of tipping over into that next level of strength !! That being said we always like to deload on wednesdays and prep the body for tearing it up again the rest of the week.

Here we go: 6 rounds of the circuit today for your best time

Road Run
Plyo Box jump x 10
Rope climb x 1 or modified rope climb x 2
Power wheel walks- length of gym
Travel push ups x 8

Putting the weights away and focusing on some primal movements is the most beneficial way to actively let our body deload from our resistance training.

6am group posted some kick [email protected] times and we have some people push the envelope and move up to some more advanced movements !!

Just a reminder- make sure to stop in the office and pick up your referral cards ! The more you talk about us, the more you get rewarded !!!! Hah

Tear it up today


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