Mid week alreaady !!!!!!!!!!   Lets focus on really getting strong on wednesday

Remember the lucky “300” is referring to the 300 tw0 hand rope slams you must get before the workout is done.

We are only putting two exercises per circuit today,  so lets up the weights and see some strength !

Here it is:

Circuit 1: 4x

Thrusters(squat into overhead press) x 6
** reps are lower so make sure you bump it up a little bit on the weights. You can choose your tool for the Thrusters
– Kettlebell
– Dumbbell
– Barbell
– Sandbag

Plyo Jumps x 10

Circuit 2: 4 x

Rope Rows x max out
Walking Lunges x cone to cone (about 100′)

Circuit 3: 4 x

Kettlebell Swings x 10
Squat Thrust( like a burpee but no push up and no jump at the top) x 8

PLUS…. 300 total two hand rope slams !

Feel free to take a break( no longer than a minute) between circuits if you want.

We are on our 2 round of the workouts, so if you are keeping track of your progress then make sure you are upping the intensity this time around.   Our goal is to progress in both our strength and conditioning.

Starting monday we will be starting our group workout referral program.   Each client will be receiving 3 referral cards.

Once those cards are brought back by new members then you will have the option for

– discount membership

– Sculpt Gear

– Robeks Gift Cards

Spread the word all !!!!!!!!!!!

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