Happy wednesday everyone !

Its been quite the week at the Sculpt Training Gym.  No monday workouts has put us back a day, but what it hasnt done was slow the efforts down of our members at the Sculpt Training Gym.   We are going to mix a little bit of everything into the workout:

WTH 28 minutes- ( I am officially leaving the AMRAP name behind)  I feel like our members work too hard to say As Many Rounds As Possible.  So I am changing our workouts to WTH(We Train Hard).

So, today todays workout:

WTH 28 minutes:

Kettlebell Clean and Press x 6 (r,l)

Farmer Walks x End of Building and back

Burpees x 10

Sled Drags x End of building and back


Free style some ab work at the end:  mix any of these movments for 4 sets

Leg Raises

Medicine Ball Get Up Sit Ups

Russian twists x 20


Tear it up !

Train Hard.  Train Smart


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