We made it !!!!!!
Thanks to hurricane Irene and our ALL DAY travel schedule today I appologize for the no post…..

But, I am back in biz and cannot wait for the next few weeks to come along. Have some very exciting things going on with Sculpt and like always my inner circle of members will see it first !

So let’s break out our Wednesday with a kick [email protected]! AMRAP full body

26 minutes

Kettlebell swings x 10
(amp it up a bit if you want and go double KB’s)

Pull ups or body rows x 10
(add weight to your pull ups if ur ready)

Thrusters(kettlebell or dumbbell)x 6
(you know this means pick up the weight!!!)

Road run x 1 or… Jump rope revolutions x 50
(advanced can throw 10-20 double under jumps if you want)

After the 26 min AMRAP get 50 leg raises in, any rep combo or variation works:

Roman chair

Night all ! Can’t wait to get back in the gym to tear it up !!!!

Train Hard. Train Smart


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