When wanting to make a life changing decision to take control of your body, what direction do you take? Their are a lot of methods and options available in store shelves and the market today. From picking up a fitness DVD in the back of Walmart, to buying a 1,000 dollar elliptical and treadmill that may get used for a few weeks and collect dust after. Most of the things I have just mentioned sound well and good, but they do not lead to consistent results week after week.

When a person who has been inactive for much of their life decides that now is the time to take charge of his or her body, their are a lot of issues to overcome. These battles that they face can beat them back down if they let them, if they do not have someone close they can count on to help guide them down the right path. A person who I am talking about is their own personal trainer or fitness coach. Working with a personal trainer can be a very positive and life changing experience.

With a personal trainer you have someone to hold you accountable, to keep you motivated, and to make exercising fun and new each time you meet. This is what you should expect from your personal trainer, someone who understands where your starting from and incrementally gives you more and more every workout so you can improve each time. When I first meet someone who decides that working with a trainer is the route they want to go, I want to make sure that their hearts are in the right place and that they are in this for the long haul. Things will get tough. There will be points along the road that will force you into questioning whether exercising and eating healthy week in and week out will be worth it. From the many success stories I’ve personally witnessed and have seen from other places, people are forever changed when they rekindle a relationship, fit into a new wardrobe, and increase their happiness and health 10 fold. There are so many positives that a personal trainer can provide compared to a cool fitness DVD for 10 minute abs will. That DVD doesn’t encourage you when your struggling through a tough workout, doesn’t give you tips to help along the journey, and that DVD does not care whether you use it and achieve your goal or not. These are all things that a personal trainer is geared towards providing with their service.

Here are some tips when looking around for the right trainer for you!

1.Location: Is the trainer located nearby so you will be able to consistently come to your workouts on time? You do not want to choose someone who’s gym is too far where you may be late often.

2. Personality: When you and the trainer sat down to talk about what goals you had in mind, did he or she have a warm and friendly personality? You want someone who is easy to talk to and is someone who could become your new friend. You will be spending time together a lot, you should get along well.

3.Do they care about YOUR success?

4. Have they had success with other people before?

I hope you now realize that a personal trainer can be a great option if you have had trouble losing weight or gaining muscle in the past. If you are located in the Akron area and would like to see if working with a trainer at Sculpt would be a great fit, go to Sculpt Fitness  training program options page to see more about our training programs at the Sculpt Fitness Personal Training Gyms.


Sculpt Fitness Trainer,

Chad Maleski

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