I want to take this opportunity to explain to you that training is and should always remain HARD !

If getting in shape and losing weight and gaining muscle were easy then don't you think there would be a lot more people jumping on the bandwaggon ?   Your workouts should be hard and a little difficult to get through at times, but that is what makes it happen.  Don't take what I am preaching here in the wrong way.  This is all to be done in a safe manner with good intentions in mind.  However, in order to get your body in the best shape possible and achieve your most wanted goals then you must WANT IT, and work your a#@ off !

The mind frame here is a little rugged I know, but, lets think about it.  What else could possibly be better then being in the gym, your favorite workout music blasting in the background and pushing yourself through a hard workout knowing that 30 minutes after you finish you are gonna feel like a million bucks.  That, my readers, is the receipe for becoming excited about doing your workouts.

There will be times when you go to do your workout whether you get it in early in the morning before work, or later in the evening after work that you just do not feel like pushing it out.  That feeling of being tired and not wanted to go to the gym, that is the time when you need to suck it up and get the workout done !  You have to get in the mind frame that you know that you want to reap the benefits of your workouts and you know how awesome you feel when you grind out that intense session.  That feeling of completion is what people get addicted to !   I am not saying that once you get that addiction that you are never going to get the feeling of "not wanting to workout".  Your mind and body remembers how it feels after it does something it likes,  make your workout one of those LIKES !

Your workouts should be your release from the world.  That should become "YOUR" time period for yourself where you do not have to worry about whats going on outside the gym, or at work, or even at home.  Do not feel bad either,  we are talking about a 30 to 60 minute time frame.  Forgeting about all that is going on for that short period of time will not kill you !  Clock out from the world during that session,  INCLUDING YOUR CELL PHONE.  Unless it is your source for music,  your cell should be non-existant during the workout (unless you are expecting an emergency: waiting for baby births are ok…hah).  The more distractions you have present,  they slower your workouts are going to be.   You only get so many opportunities for quality workouts each week, so you need to make sure that each one counts !

Your body is your shell and the only one you are going to get so give it the attention it needs and push it through HARD workouts.  No excuses,  if you want to get in the best shape of your life then DO IT !


As always,  have fun and train safe


Your Trainer



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